Thursday, January 17, 2008


Hillary, the evil of all evil. The spawn of Ken Starr and Barbara Bush has RIGGED THE FUCKING recount for New Hampshire.

Y'all know that she must have rigged it. I hear she's sleeping with the CEO of Diebold better known as Premier Election Solutions or the right hand of satan. (Let's be for real here I do agree that Diebold is the hand of satan because they efffed up OH and elected Bush, little lord pissy pants aka lil'boots. )

The Obama supporters over @ Democratic Underground seem to think that Hillary did the horizontal mombo with Diebold and got them to rig it her way or they think Diebold did it on their own so their buddies the GOP could run against Hillary instead of Obama. Because the GOP thinks they can beat Hillary in the GE and not Obama.

In any event. I think they were hoping that Hillary didn't win the recount. But of course in their tiny little minds. They'll say that she rigged the recount too.

Someone get me some new panties; MINE ARE SOAKED from laughing to hard.

The Recount Results

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RonnyK said...

DU is like reading the bathroom walls of catholic grade school.

But instead of talking shit about Sister Esther, they talk about Hillary.