Friday, February 29, 2008

BREAKING NEWS--- Family Guy Spins Off Cleveland

This is critical folks!!!

Los Angeles (E! Online) - Fox is getting ready to put Cleveland on the map.

The network, along with 20th Century Fox, is currently developing a spinoff of its enduringly popular Family Guy to revolve around Peter Griffin's bathtub-loving, accident-prone neighbor, Cleveland Brown.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the new animated series, tentatively titled Cleveland, will be coming from the same comic minds that brought Stewie & Co. into the mainstream, with Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, former Simpsons writer and American Dad exec producer Rich Appel and Family Guy writer-producer, not to mention the voice of Cleveland himself, Mike Henry, on board to write the new show.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Brian Williams of NBC News Admits He's a Pussy

Williams: "Covering This Presidential Election is Like Catnip For Me"

Brian Williams writes a first person account of his experience covering the 2008 presidential election in the new issue of TV Guide, that hits newsstands tomorrow. Williams describes his excitement in covering this year's election, and some observations about his NBC News team.

I couldn't resist. Brian, you make it way too tooo toooooo easy.

Click here to read the rest @ TVNEWSER

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Blog of the week - CUTE OVERLOAD

If you ever need to wash the political shit from your eyes just stroll on over to

You'll be treated to the utter ciaos of cuteness. Like this video of the Pug below that says Yummies Yummies Yummies! Now, the video sucks, it is the audio that cracks me up.

I have no words to explain this. Please just go to the link below.

OMFG....A Republican voting for Obama because he feels that Obama is more conservative than the Republican Congress under Bush. And Obama supporters welcoming him but have no room for the Democrats that disagree with him.

DUer's making room for Republicans in the party while purging Life Long Democrats. OKIE FUCKING DOKIE. These are people who called Hillary BUSH LITE cuz they thought she was conservative. Now they are praising a Republican who calls Obama a conservative.


Click here to check this out out people.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I just went to Wal-Mart and boy to I feel DIRTY AS FUCK

I mean cheap whore dirty and literally dirty.

First, I'm angry @ Little Boots Lord Pissypants George W. Bush. I'm angry that a dollar buys nothing. I'm angry that shit costs more. I'm angry that to save money I have to shop @ a store run by a company that treats their hourly employees like shit.

I need to take a shower. YECH!

GADEGET MOMENT - Bluetooth (A2DP) Stereo Headsets

For those of you who don't know me, I'm a gadget, tech geek, nutter. So every now and then I'll post something tech geek-ish. Today I'm frustrated because I cannot find a Bluetooth Stereo headset or a A2DP enabled headset.

With all the brilliant people on this god forsaken planet, you'd think someone could develop an A2DP enabled headset that:
  1. Works
  2. Stays on your ear
  3. Sounds at least decent I'm not even going for audiophile here, just a decent sound.
  4. Isn't too clunky with a over the head band, boom mic, princess Lea ear muffs, and other craziness.
  5. Has a good fit or in ear gels for comfort and noise canceling and sound enhancement
  6. Provides Mini-usb with pc and AC charging capabilities
  7. Connects with at least 3 devices
Instead we get, the stupidest bullshit, and most unusable money and resource wasting gadgets. For god sakes people can't a black woman get a kick ass A2DP enabled headset that fills basic usability requirements? My first attempt was the Motorola HT820. They sound OK, are huge as fuck, and hurt like a muthafucka after about 30 minutes of wear. Then I thought I'd try the Jabra BT8010. What a horror story those were. OMG, first the little fuckers won't stay on and the ear loops fall out to boot. Second, the sound is o.k. but they hurt like hell.

Right now I'm looking @ the Motorola S9 or the Sony HBH-DS980 or what ever the model number is. Any of you want to help me pick, chime in.

Whenever politics pisses me off and I need something to do I'll always head back to my first love. GADGETS.

Friday, February 22, 2008

FT.Com - America’s economy risks mother of all meltdowns

Recently, Professor Roubini’s scenarios have been dire enough to make the flesh creep. But his thinking deserves to be taken seriously. He first predicted a US recession in July 2006*. At that time, his view was extremely controversial. It is so no longer. Now he states that there is “a rising probability of a ‘catastrophic’ financial and economic outcome”**. The characteristics of this scenario are, he argues: “A vicious circle where a deep recession makes the financial losses more severe and where, in turn, large and growing financial losses and a financial meltdown make the recession even more severe.”

Prof Roubini is even fonder of lists than I am. Here are his 12 – yes, 12 – steps to financial disaster.

Please click here to read his 12 steps.

DemocraticUnderground brings out the Freeper in 'Liberals"

Whenever I visit DemocraticUnderground I am struck by the realization that DU and FreeRepublic are basically the same in attitude and different in ideology. What I've noticed is that the term Liberal which has morphed now to the term Progressive doesn't mean love others and peace anymore, it basically means be a hateful, angry, asshole who calls themselves a Liberal. I guess from their point of view being an angry asshole workded for the Freepers, why not give that shit a try,

That's how I see it. DU is the home of the asshole wing of the progressive ideology and FreeRepublic is the home of the asshole wing of the neo-con movement. Where DU has FreeRepublic in spades is the fact that DU looks WAY better and it is more user friendly, PLUS it has that cool Latest Breaking News section.

I would say that DUers appear to be more intelligent and less irrational but this primary season shows it not to be true.

DU has been forever harmed by this primary season and I blame all the assholes who posted fucked up shit in General Discussion-Primaries.

I will say one thing though, the DU Hillary Hate is one thing Progressives and Freepers have in common. Makes you wonder doesn't it?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Is Obama's media affair ending?

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Barack Obama, the wunderkind of US politics, has long basked in adulatory press coverage for his historic White House bid -- but a media backlash appears to be building.

Hillary Clinton, Obama's bitter rival for the Democrats' presidential nomination, has long complained that the young Illinois senator is getting a free ride from journalists in thrall to his promise of change.

"Obama is the new story this year and reporters love novel plotlines," said Darrell West, a political scientist and media expert at Brown University in Rhode Island.

"But as it gets closer to the nomination, there is going to be more scrutiny of him. Reporters are going to examine his statements, his votes and his background," he told AFP.

Some Obama supporters fret already that his campaign has the trappings of a messianic cult, as thousands upon thousands pack auditoriums to bask in his uplifting oratory.

"Obamaphilia has gotten creepy," Los Angeles Times columnist Joel Stein wrote. "The best we Obamaphiles can do is to refrain from embarrassing ourselves."

Click here to go get more of the story

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

BREAKING NEWS - John McCain apparently has a penis.

Who cares, because you know it is tiny as fuck.

Hillary Clinton, Gurrrrlllllll please know when to say when.

Gurll you are embarrassing yourself. Call it a day and hang it up.

Yo' goose is cooked.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Sorry, Y'all I've Been Busy Not Giving A Shit.

About this primary season. I'll post something interesting later tonight.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bernanke warns economy worsening - ROFPNMPLMAO

yes. I am...Where has this fucker been? Burying gold in the desert? What a god damned loser.
WASHINGTON - Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told Congress Thursday the economy is deteriorating and signaled a readiness to keep on lowering a key interest rate to shore things up.


"The outlook for the economy has worsened in recent months, and the downside risks to growth have increased," Bernanke said. "To date, the largest economic effects of the financial turmoil appear to have been on the housing market, which, as you know, has deteriorated significantly over the past two years or so."

Click here to get more of this disaster story.

Bernanke better tell his boy Chimpy cuz that fucker sill thinks milk costs a buck a gallon and that we're all payin $1.42 for gas and shit.

Have I mentioned how much I hate Bush today? Any Bush, Barabara, Laura, Jeb, all them muther fuckas.

Didn't you always want to know that---Gorillas Get It On Face To Face

ScienceDaily (Feb. 13, 2008) — Scientists from the Wildlife Conservation Society and Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology have released the first known photographs of gorillas performing face-to-face copulation in the wild. This is the first time that western gorillas have been observed and photographed mating in such a manner.

Happy Valentines Day y'all!!
Go get the rest of the story at Science Daily

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The ONCE powerfull all mighty Clintons

Boy, do they look pathetic. Basically I think they look pittiful and pathetic. Apparently they misjudged the Clinton hate this country has for them. Take a hint y'all. This country hates your guts. THEY CAN'T STAND your asses. They do not give a rats as about what you've done. In their eyes the Clinton presidency sucked and y'all didn't do shit for anyone. As for Hillary, she didn't do shit as first lady nor did she do shit for New York as senator.

People in this country are rejecting the Clintons like the plague. They want them gone and lost to history.

Wow! Clinton hate. Not just a Republican thing to do.

Welp, it's official in my mind, It' Is Over for Hillary Clinton!

On to the convention people.

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Coolest 'Homeless' Hood Around - Dignity Villiage

the most organised shanty town on earth

welcome to dignity village, inc.

pre-2001, the residents of dignity village in portland, oregon, were part of a mobile ‘tent city’ founded by 8 local homeless people desperate to find some kind of semi-permanent shelter. in 2001, following much campaigning and media support, portland city council agreed to allow the camp legal campground status on the basis that they move to an area called sunderland yard, thus securing dignity village’s short-term future. since then the 60 or so residents have impressively created their own self-regulating mini-city with help from the surrounding community.

dignity village’s features include:

- its own village council with board of directors and other elected officials

- non-profit organisation status

- its own website,

- internet access

- communal television room

- 24 hour village security

- 5 fundamental rules which must be adhered to by residents…

Check it out @ Deputy

Saturday, February 9, 2008

While your out there voting and shit. You better be pickin

the one who can handle a huge ass depression.

Cuz that is where we are headed people. This country will be SOUP LINE CENTRAL.

Which one of the Democratic candidates can handle that?

Friday, February 8, 2008

Obama: Impeachment is not acceptable

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama laid out list of political shortcomings he sees in the Bush administration but said he opposes impeachment for either President George W. Bush or Vice President Dick Cheney.

Obama said he would not back such a move, although he has been distressed by the "loose ethical standards, the secrecy and incompetence" of a "variety of characters" in the administration.


"I think you reserve impeachment for grave, grave breaches, and intentional breaches of the president's authority," he said.

"I believe if we began impeachment proceedings we will be engulfed in more of the politics that has made Washington dysfunction," he added. "We would once again, rather than attending to the people's business, be engaged in a tit-for-tat, back-and-forth, non-stop circus."

Obama, son of a Kenyan father and American mother, spoke at a weekly constituent breakfast he sponsors with Illinois' other senator, Dick Durbin. He was asked about impeachment.

Click here for the full story

My take on this. Is that Obama knows he can't win wanting or favoring impeachment, so he's not for it. Which means he is politicising it for his goal of winning. Just like his vote to continue funding the war or saying he wouldn't have voted for the IWR. You and I both know he would have either voted for the IWR or been absent on that day.

Why I think Hillary Clinton should step down...

No matter what happens she's a loser. If she wins the nomination she'll be blamed for:
  1. Ripping the party apart and she will get the, "I told you so."
  2. If she loses the GE she will get the, "I told you so."
  3. If she wins and we lose congress she will get the, "I told you so."
  4. If she's Obama's VP and Obama loses the GE she will get the, "I told you so."
  5. If she doesn't do well she will get the, "I told you so."
  6. If she wins the GE and we keep congress and she doesn't win 2 terms she will get the, "I told you so."
She is in a no win situation. I'd just drop out and enjoy my retirement.

I would say HAYLE NO to a Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama ticket


Because the Obama folks will take it to their graves that Hillary ruined it. So I say no to a combined ticket. Hillary will be blamed for the loss.


"Euros Accepted" signs pop up in New York City

YES! A sure sign George W. Bush better known as Little Lord Pissy Pants has fucked up your life. I'd like to give a hearty FUCK YOU to the idiots that voted for his ignorant ass.
---The story---
"Euros Accepted" signs pop up in New York City
NEW YORK (Reuters) - In the latest example that the U.S. dollar just ain't what it used to be, some shops in New York City have begun accepting euros and other foreign currency as payment for merchandise.
"We had decided that money is money and we'll take it and just do the exchange whenever we can with our bank," Robert Chu, owner of East Village Wines, told Reuters television.

The increasingly weak U.S. dollar, once considered the king among currencies, has brought waves of European tourists to New York with money to burn and looking to take advantage of hugely favorable exchange rates.---snip
Link to the rest of the story

Thursday, February 7, 2008

In the last 15 minutes I've started 4 posts @ DU.

I didn't submit any of them. Why? Because right now DU isn't worth my time. I get so angry watching the posts there, all phlegm and no substance.

My observations:
  1. Obama supporters can dish it but cant' take it. My solution- TOUGHEN UP PUNKS, the GOP will eat your kidneys for breakfast.
  2. Hillary supporters are so down and out they are lashing out. Well grow up people. You knew the MSM and the progressives hated your ass. If you weren't prepared then you're a dumbass.
  3. OMG, if I see one more goddamned post with RW talking points in it I'll find the fucking plug to the server and unplug it my goddamned self.
I'm so sick of that joint. I'm gonna drink my final margarita in peace and quiet.

WTF is this freakin thing...

Click this link to see a bigger version.
Meet the artist

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Swimmers' Sunscreen Killing Off Coral

Ker Than
for National Geographic News
January 29, 2008

The sunscreen that you dutifully slather on before a swim on the beach may be protecting your body—but a new study finds that the chemicals are also killing coral reefs worldwide.

Four commonly found sunscreen ingredients can awaken dormant viruses in the symbiotic algae called zooxanthellae that live inside reef-building coral species.


The researchers estimate that 4,000 to 6,000 metric tons of sunscreen wash off swimmers annually in oceans worldwide, and that up to 10 percent of coral reefs are threatened by sunscreen-induced bleaching.

The study appeared online in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives.

You gotta check this out... Go read the full story @ the link below
Link full NG story.

OK, so my dog voted. The little fucker...let's discuss it.

First, how did he get there? He can't drive he's too fuckin small. I assume he went when I was in the shower. The polling place is really close to my house.

Second, how did the little shit get dressed all by himself? That's the key. I hid his grey sweat suit so I guess he picked the only one he could find. See, Onyx thinks he's the bitches boy in his grey and black sweat suit. He struts around like he's all that, so much so I had to hide it.

Third, voter ID act my ass. I bought Onyx a fake dog tag ID that looks like a real GA ID. Looks like the idiots @ the polling joint took it.

All I know is the little shit came home with one of those tacky ass, "I'm a Georgia Voter" sticker. Now he thinks he's a tough shit.

Go figure.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

N'uff Said

Update, still not voting and I still don't give a rats ass.

Yes. I'm still not giving a fuck people. I thought maybe if I go to the grocery store I'd vote. The polling place is so close to my house I could walk there in like 6 minutes.

But will I get that 6 minutes back? After going there will I feel better or worse? Are they serving rum drinks while you vote? Are the fucking little brats there? Will the brats piss me off skipping to and from their classrooms and shit? Will I have to stand in line next to their annoying parents who piss me off just by being alive?

All these questions need to be answered before I consider hauling my nappy ass out to vote.

AND YES, imy ass is nappy. I haven't had a relaxer in months. I wanna go O'natural...

Oh and another thing. With my hair being so fucking nappy I don't want to leave the house anyway. So that just about seals the voting thing.

It's Super Tuesday and I'm not Voting.

I just don't care. I don't know why. My dad just called and made me feel kind a guilty. I care only a little bit because my dad made me feel guilty, but other than that, I don't care.

I just don't care.

I don't give a fuck.

Monday, February 4, 2008

OMFG people...United Airlines Charges to Check 2nd bag.

YES. Apparently paying for the ticket and getting on the flight isn't enough. They wanna stick it to you all the way to your destination.

United Adds $25 Fee for 2nd Bag

This is bullshit. I blame Bush. Just look @ the economy, gas prices, etc.
Bush sucks big sweaty donkey balls people. If you voted for his ignorant evil ass you're an idiot.

Campaigns Should Offer Supporter Refunds

Yeah, that's some new shit I think needs to be incorporated into election reform.

If you support a candidate and you give them your hard earned money...and they fuck up. They owe you some money.

That's how I feel. Let's use Hillary's campaign for example. OMG they have FUCK UP on speed dial over there. I think her campaign owes their supporters some fucking money. Visa or Master card prepaid cards for 20 bucks a piece should do the trick. Maybe $20 off a $100 Gap purchase or something. Ohhh maybe some Starbucks gift certificates or $20 off your next cell phone bill or something; ANYTHING. But she owes the people who supported her big time.

Boy, did she have the world fooled. She campaigns so bad I wouldn't let her plan a grade school class presidential campaign. Just sayin.

Friday, February 1, 2008

The Obama Campaign Played the Hillary Campaign Like Pros against Little League

DAYUM. I should have said T-Ball League.

The Hillary Campaign Sucks. Whomever she has leading that shit sucks. Whomever she has leading the day-to-day sucks. Whomever she has writing her speeches...SUCKS.


She's getting played into the ground by Obama and his camp. If it weren't so sad it'd be funny as FUCK. I feel sorry for Clinton supporters because they didn't sign up to be attached to a shitty campaign. They signed up to at least have a chance. To back a possible winner. Shit, they ended up backing a lame horse with no feet.

I feel for y'all. That's why I said after Wesley Clark ran for President in 2k4...I'd never pick a candidate in the primary again. Cuz, gettin your ass handed to you on a daily basis sucks.

Y'all will learn. I hope. Just wait until after the nomination and support the party. That way you'll never get your spirit crushed.