Monday, April 21, 2008

A Cellphone's Missing Dot Kills Two People, Puts Three More in Jail

The life of 20-year-old Emine, and her 24-year-old husband Ramazan Çalçoban was pretty much the normal life of any couple in a separation process. After deciding to split up, the two kept having bitter arguments over the cellphone, sending text messages to each other until one day Ramazan wrote "you change the topic every time you run out of arguments." That day, the lack of a single dot over a letter—product of a faulty localization of the cellphone's typing system—caused a chain of events that ended in a violent blood bath (Warning: offensive language ahead.)

The surreal mistake happened because the ex-husband's cellphone didn't have an specific character from the Turkish alphabet: the letter "ı" or closed i. While "i" is available in all phones in Turkey—where this happened—the closed i apparently doesn't exist in most of the terminals in that country.

The use of "i" resulted in an SMS with a completely twisted meaning: instead of writing the word "sıkısınca" he wrote "sikisince." Ramazan wanted to write "You change the topic every time you run out of arguments" (sounds familiar enough) but what Emine read was, "You change the topic every time they are fucking you" (sounds familiar too.)


---well the result, she showed the message to her father, when Ramazan came over to apologize they stabbed him, then Ramazan found her and stabbed her and then killed himself.

Best argument for ignoring the whole texting trend I've heard.

Go read the entire saga over @ Gizmodo.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Actor from Monk & 90210 Found Dead

I really liked this guy, he was found dead in his Hollywood home April 8,2008. RIP

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