Wednesday, January 30, 2008

FER FUCK SAKES PEOPLE...if you are a Democrat, Liberal or Progressive

And you're so pure that you can't support the Democratic're an idiot. And a republican. A GOPer who sucks big sweaty donkey balls. A Jerk. An Asshole. A fucker of the likes that the world has never seen.

Yeah, I'm talkin to you...only if you are the type of fuck up who will decide to sit out if your perfect candidate doesn't get the Democratic nomination. If that ain't you...then I'm not talkin to you, so go get some Starbucks and chill, better yet read my blog archives.

So, if you're so goddamned pure and the candidate isn't pure enough and you decide that it is 'smarter' to sit @ home and not vote...

If the Democrats don't win, you're the reason. Because you're a selfish asshole.

I just feel I had to say that because apparently some jackasses are too stupid to recognize how important this election is. Yeah, they'd rather act like jerks and pricks and such and ensure a GOP victory.

I'll go so far as to say Gore and Kerry didn't win. Because of the jackass Democrats, Liberals, and Progressives who voted green cuz they thought they were so fuckin pure.

A PM I received today from a fellow DUer...

I love it. Thanks for the content.
Love, X

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

OMG - Gray Davis just endorsed Hillary Clinton for President.

Gray. Honey. Sweetie. Snookums. Don't. Please don't help. As a matter of fact you, Bill Clinton, and Catherine Baker Knoll need to get on a bus to the Orient. Yes goddamn it, I said a fucking bus. Yes, get on a bus with no scuba gear and just head west until you smell sweet and sour pork (the real kind not that shit they make here with the red jello like sauce.)

You are not helping people. Endorsements are supposed to help or at the least notf ucking stink up the joint.

Goddamn it where is my fucking Grey Goose.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hillary Clinton - Her campaign is FUCK UP CENTRAL

Oh my gawd. Can it be? Hillary's campaign prowess is a myth. I think so. Her campaign has had fuck up after fuck up. I'm shocked that she would allow her staff to be so god damned stupid on her behalf. OR is she that stupid personally...either way. She's in a pickle. A pickle the size of fucking Florida.

Here's what you need to do.

Call a press conference and say.
I acknowledge my campaign practices have been off mark and can be perceived as negative.
I'd like to take full responsibility for it and apologise to my supporters.

She needs to also say that she's decided to campaign on her own. She's a big girl and though she is happy that her husband has been an enthusiastic campaigner he may have stepped over bounds on some occasions. With that said he'll be taking a back seat. She should also say this should lay to rest rumors that a woman can't run for president without a man...because she has, can and will.

She needs to say that issues is where things stand and where she will take on Obama and win. Then she needs to list some issues where she feels she has the closest feel on the pulse of America.

She needs to say from here on out. She will have an eye first hand on what is said and done on her behalf and mistakes will no longer be made.


Can someone get this to her campaign please.

Where would you hide if Zombies attack? The GOP Convention...

Think about it...NO BRAINS.


Clifton, NJ

In a G4 TV GSpot commercial asked the question and requested viewer mail responses!

Love it!

Congratulations to Senator Obama for his SC WIN!


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Some Progressives @ DU...are SEXIST as FUCK

AlinPA @ DU writes:

No problem with what you say here, but when I see Pelosi gazing at Bush** like
a high school cheerleader does at the star football player, it irks me...a lot. And when she and Reid buckle under, it's tough to take. Yes we like tough leaders.

Link to his bullshit

Friday, January 25, 2008

Obama Missed the Iran Resolution Vote

Doesn't the fact that Obama missed the Iran Resolution Vote bother his supporters? Rather than take a stand on an important vote; rather than putting the fucking rubber on the road; rather than pulling his ass off the campaign trail in New Hampshire to vote on something CRITICAL Obama missed the vote strategically so he could play the anti-war progressives like fiddles.

Is no one bothered by this? Are Obama supporters so blind to the game he is playing? Obama is the Anti-Clinton to them only. They aren't looking at the issues. Because if they did look @ the issues objectively the would see that Obama and Clinton are basically 2 peas in the same pod.

Obama making less than a quarter of Senate votes

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fact Check.ORG did an analysis of the Clinton-Obama flap

Here's what they've discovered...There's half truths thrown by all three, Clinton, Edwards, and Obama.

Here is a slice...

  • Clinton falsely accused Obama of saying he "really liked the ideas of the Republicans" including private Social Security accounts and deficit spending. Not true. The entire 49-minute interview to which she refers contains no endorsement of private Social Security accounts or deficit spending, and Obama specifically scorned GOP calls for tax cuts.

  • Obama falsely denied endorsing single-payer government health insurance when he first ran for the Senate, saying, "I never said that we should try to go ahead and get single-payer." But in fact he gave a speech in 2003 saying, "I happen to be a proponent of a single-payer health care program."

  • Edwards misleadingly claimed, "I was the one who beat John McCain" in a recent CNN poll. The problem is that there is a more recent CNN poll, one that shows either Clinton or Obama beating McCain and doesn't include Edwards.

Check out the rest @
BTW if you aren't on the email ist you need to be. They call it straight down the middle. You gotta love objectivity.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Are any objective Democratic supporters left?

Unfortunately it has been cold in GA and I haven't been getting out much to discuss politicts with friends. So my view of what is going on in the political landscape comes mostly from Democratic Underground. I've noticed a sizable erosion on reality based discussion on DU. I've also noticed posters who have chosen sides in the Clinton/Obama races who used to call themselves objective have now...


Where the fuck did the objectivity go. I Remember when they used to spout on about how objective they were and how they loved intelligent discussion and shit like that. Now they've become circle shooting, shit slinging, maniacs.

Goes to show how objective and intellectual they actually were and are. They make me sick. Make me embarrassed to be a Democrat. Though I thing some are TROLLS and others are sock puppets posting as the supporter of one candidate just to make that candidate, which they really don't support look like shit.

I don't know people. Just watch it with a grain of salt. Thank God the masses don't evn know DU or we'd be in big ass fucking trouble.

Go take a look @ the craziness going on over there, go on, take a look. DemocraticUnderground Latest Threads

On the other hand if you are just in to blood, guts, and'll love it.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Woman eats her own hair, ends up with 10lb hair ball

The woman underwent surgery to remove the mass of black, curly hair, which weighed 10 pounds and measured 15 inches by 7 inches by 7 inches, the doctors said.

Go see the gross freakin picture and read the story at CNN (Conservative News Network.)

Get Your Grey Goose Martinis ready people

The South Carolina Democratic Debate is tonight, January 21, 2008 @ 8pm EST.

I've been on a rum and coke kick. I won't be watching. I just want a nominee to support.

You cannot be a political junkie and not know about TV Newser

TV Newser is a blog that I visit at least once a day folks. You can get the ins and outs of the mainstream media. Those ins and outs directly impact the political goings on.

So if you get a moment. Slide on over to TV Newser.

Fred Thompson...Biggest Dissapointment EVAH!

I had to say that. Apparently Freddy Boy is thinking of calling it quits. Geez, what took the geezer so fucking long? Fred, you SUCK big sweaty donkey balls and you're about as exciting as a church lady's underwear drawer.

He's got to be the GOP's Biggest Disappointment EVAH! Read the boring story---> Link

Freddy, so long sucker , we didn't wanna know ye.

Separated @ Birth

Just sayin...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Campaign Blog Watch

Perez W. Clinton and Shutupbill which is by Perez W. Clinton.

I love it. Way to go. Make sure Hillary Clinton gets the links to these sites PRONTO!!!!!!!

I'm speechless y'all. That is rare.

I keep wanting to say shit about what I see going on @ DU. First I see Hillary supporters sayin that she won. Then I see that Obama supporters saying that he really won because he received more delegates. Now, I see that Obama supporters are saying that Hillary cheated even though they are saying their guy really won.

Reminds me that Bush loss the popular vote but still won the electoral vote in 2000. We were hopping mad about that. But now it is o.k I guess in this instance.

Is this what it is going to be now. If we win it is all good. If we lose then we really won but they cheated.

WTF. When is recess? Teacher can I go to the bathroom? Is my mom picking me up after school? Come on guys, graduate from grade school. People. You're making me sick. It looks stupid and frankly you are making your chosen candidate look worse.

Yes, I'm aware that there are assholes apart of every campaign. I just PRAY (Yes, I said 'pray', what of it?) That it is just the hypersensitive DU posters that are like this. I hope in the real world that assholes are few and far between. I doubt it. But a gal can dream, can't she?

Thank God the posters on DU represent just a tiny speck on a turd of a flea. Thank God DU is not what the entire Democratic party represents. I don't think I could take it. Sometimes I cannot tell the difference between DUers and Freepers where hatred of Hillary is concerned. I can barely take the board sometimes. But I will say the loud mouth assholes seem to represent a small portion of the posters but they appear to be the majority.

My suggestion is to ignore all candidate supporters who act like assholes. That'll make DU a better place to post. Hopefully I'll be back after a nominee is chosen.

If you want to see where all that craziness is going down, grab some hard liquor and head over to... DemocraticUnderground

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Let's just go ahead and schedule a recount for South Carolina...

I think we should just go ahead and schedule it. I have some extra time. Y'all know there will be an exploding head fest after that primary.

MSNBC - Just called Nevada for Clinton - When's the recount?

Here is how it lays out: ( The %ages keep changing. I'll post the finals later.)
  1. 50% Clinton
  2. 45% Obama
  3. 5% Edwards (OUCH) I'm kinda sad @ this because I kinda dig Edwards

Caucuses are over and calling it isn't going to impact people going to caucus.

Oh, yeah... When is the recount?

Just in case you give a shit, Romney beat McCain. Here is how the shit lays out
  1. Romney 55%
  2. McCain 12%
  3. Paul 12%
  4. Huckabee 8%
  5. Thompson 7%
  6. Guliani
  7. Hunter 1%

Non-political moment - Blog of the week NEATORAMA!

Are you bored with the web? When you surf do you see the same shit day after day? Well, if you haven't been to Neatorama you are missing some of the best stuff the web has to offer. Neatorama presents the most interesting stuff on various subjects. I don't know who writes for Neatorama I just know that they make the Web a more interesting place. Keep up the good work Neatorama.


HAYLE YEAH! It's like a winter wonderland.

Nothing like Southerners on ice y'all.

Drive carefully.

Better yet, DON'T DRIVE @ ALL! I'm Audi to play!


Friday, January 18, 2008

Why Chris Matthews is an asshole of intergalactic proportions.

Chris Matthews "apologized" yesterday for some stupid ass bullshit remarks he made about Hillary Clinton. For those of you who live on another planet, it wasn't a sincere apology.

Well we all knew he was blowing smoke up our ass. But here's the proof..

Chris Matthews Backs Off 'Nasty' Remark on Clinton

Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, January 18, 2008; Page C01

Under pressure from feminist groups and his own bosses at MSNBC, Chris Matthews apologized yesterday for remarks about Hillary Clinton that he now admits sounded "nasty."

For 10 days, the "Hardball" host had doggedly insisted he was just reciting a bit of history when he said on the air that "the reason she's a U.S. senator, the reason she's a candidate for president, the reason she may be a front-runner is her husband messed around."

But protests against those and other remarks by Matthews reached a peak yesterday when the presidents of such groups as the National Organization for Women, Feminist Majority and National Women's Political Caucus sent a joint letter of complaint to NBC News President Steve Capus.

Click here to read ---> The rest of the story


OK, so I ask again. Why is Chris Matthews still allowed on TeeVee? Think of the all the Republican politicians who have been trippin the night fantastic, horizontal mambo dancing with people other than their family values spouse? Where is the disdain for them? Where is it?

Yeah Chris, where the fuck is it?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Chris Matthew's tries to explain away his 'Senator Clinton Comments...

Here's what the fucker said...

"Was it fair to say that Hillary Clinton, like any great politician took advantage of a crisis to prove herself? Was her conduct in 1998 a key to starting her independent electoral career the following year? Yes. Was it fair to imply that Hillary's whole career depended on being a victim of an unfaithful husband? No. And that's what it sounded like I was saying. And it hurt people. People I'd like to think normally like what I say. In fact, normally like me. As I said, I rely on my heart to guide me in the heated, fast-paced talk we have here on Hardball. A heart that bears only goodwill toward people trying to make it out there, especially those who haven't before. If my heart has not always controlled my words, on those occasions when I have not taken the time to say things right or have simply said the inappropriate thing, I'll try to be clearer, smarter, more obviously in support of the right of women, of all people, the full equality and respect for their ambitions."

My response: Dear Chris, I FUCK YOU!

Ain't no goddamned way this bullshit you spewed today is going to satisfy anyone. Chris, face it, you're a sexist asshole who got caught, and now you're trying to save your ass.

Chris, Media Matters for America has you by your pale tiny balls. I hope they squeeze so hard your brain pops out. If you want to help Media Matters squeeze Chris' balls go here ---> LINK


Hillary, the evil of all evil. The spawn of Ken Starr and Barbara Bush has RIGGED THE FUCKING recount for New Hampshire.

Y'all know that she must have rigged it. I hear she's sleeping with the CEO of Diebold better known as Premier Election Solutions or the right hand of satan. (Let's be for real here I do agree that Diebold is the hand of satan because they efffed up OH and elected Bush, little lord pissy pants aka lil'boots. )

The Obama supporters over @ Democratic Underground seem to think that Hillary did the horizontal mombo with Diebold and got them to rig it her way or they think Diebold did it on their own so their buddies the GOP could run against Hillary instead of Obama. Because the GOP thinks they can beat Hillary in the GE and not Obama.

In any event. I think they were hoping that Hillary didn't win the recount. But of course in their tiny little minds. They'll say that she rigged the recount too.

Someone get me some new panties; MINE ARE SOAKED from laughing to hard.

The Recount Results

Scientists say create human embryo clones

California lab claims first documented case of controversial procedure

NEW YORK - Scientists say they have produced embryos that are clones of two men, a potential step toward developing scientifically valuable stem cells.

It’s the first documented demonstration that ordinary cells from an adult human can be used to make cloned embryos mature enough to produce stem cells, the researchers said. But because they haven’t produced those stem cells yet, experts reacted coolly.

Since other scientists had previously made a cloned human embryo, “I found it difficult to determine what was substantially new,” said Doug Melton of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute.

-----To read the entire story go to MSNBC this link-----

All I have to say about this is those two guys had better be some fine muthafuckas. I mean like Vin Diesel or Brad Pitt fine. Like HOT. HOT like the SUN...HOT. FIERCE people! With really nice sized packages. Cuz it would be a waste of science to clone to ugly ass MoFos.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Democratic Hillary Haters...YOU DID IT.

You've lost the General Elections. MARK MY WORDS. You've done the Republican's job for them.

Don'tcha see kids. The Republicans hate Hillary. Democrats & Progressives hate Hillary. The only two things you both agree on. So instead of just having Republicans hate Hillary. With you all hating Hillary there is no way she can win in the General Election.

So now you have to put up Obama. Only problem with that is, Republicans ain't gonna vote for his ass and the closet Democratic racist mofos aren't going to vote for his ass either. Neither will Latinos or Asians in mass. So, with all that going down combined with the fact that there aren't enough Black folk to cover the lost racist votes...means we are going to lose. (Yes I'm a black woman. WTF of it?)

So, we're screwed. Screwed to the wall. Thanks guys! We could have won.

David Gregory - Who knew this White boy could dance?

Wonkett has video of David Gregory shakin his booty like his mama taught him y'all.

Click here to see David Gregory in action.

DAYUM he can make his moneymaker shake.

I'd hit that.

Monica Crowley - Your new name is CREEPY CRAWLEY

Why is this woman allowed to report on anything important? Here is her latest...Thanks to Media Matters...

"Yes, well, you know, she's like Glenn Close at the end of Fatal Attraction. You think she's dead and then she sits bolt-upright in the bathtub."

Will some one stop this woman? Why is it o.k for her to say such stupid sexist shit about a woman presidential candidate? Is she dating Chris Matthews and using "Pillow Talk" as content? Will someone stop CNN from hiring such stupid clowns? Why is she even working? Can we get Glen Beck to share his Dr's name and number with her? These are the questions I have where she is concerned.

I bet she wouldn't say that shit about Pickles, Barbara - The Monster Woman-Bush, and Elizabeth-I'm loving the Viagra-Dole.

Creepy Crawley needs to be hauled off with the trash, and quick. She's stinkin up the joint.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bullet1987 says a major endorsement for Obama is coming!

I don't know who Bullet1987 is but he or she is posting very interesting stuff on DU. He or she is posting tips that only an Obama campaign operative or insider would know.

They are saying or hinting that Obama is expecting a major endorsement. When another poster replied asking if it was Gore,
Bullet1987 only replied with a ;)...

Could it be? STAY TUNED!!!

Have Democrats lost ther GOD DAMNED MINDS?

Apparently they have. In a huge way. In a way so huge it could lead to a rift in the party too big to repair.

What's caused the rift?

That's easy. You have a Black man and a White woman running for president. Yes, apparently that's all it takes. It should be a celebration, but nope, mayhem and madness.

OK, what's at stake? WE are at stake of losing the hugest, most important, intergalacticly important election since the dawn of time. YES. Not the dawn of man cuz man...Hugh Man usually screws shit up. I'm talkin the DAWN OF EFFIN TIME people.

Here's what we got.
Mean ole' Hillary, the only person Progressives and Freepers can agree on. Unfortunately they agree that they hate her because she is the most evilest person ever created over and above Osama Hussein. (Yeah what of it. I combined the to because that is how evil and mean and well ugly she is in their eyes. ) Liberals and Freepers will work together to rid us of this menace.

SAINT Obama, the second only person Progressives and Freepers can agree on. They both want Obama to win because they think that he can be beaten so silly, like Apollo Cruise in Rocky 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.

In Obama's supporters eyes, Obama can do no wrong and Hillary can do no right and Obama supporters are fucking INSANE.

In Hillary's supporters eyes, she can do no wrong , Obama is an inexperienced kid, and Obama supporters are fucking spoiled brats just who just want a cool black friend to piss off their parents...oh and fucking INSANE.

Obama supporters blame Hillary for everything that is done in her campaign, yet they blame Obama surrogates for doing the exact same thing they blame Hillary for in her campaign. Oh yeah and since Obama can do no wrong everything and it is no big deal.

Hillary supporters whine about how Saint Obama is getting a pass. I have to say they are right on that. But what they should do is keep it down to a dull roar. Things will come out in the wash. Why? What Obama supporters refuse to note is that if they keep it up they will cause some serious shit to go down.

Here's how I see it:
Obama supporters will cause him to lose the Latino and Asian vote because there are some indications that a sizable portion of the Latino and Asian community won't vote for a Black candidate. Yes there are a few who will but there are extreme racial tensions between the groups. Unfortunately, there aren't enough contentious whites to overcome the Asian and Latino vote.

Obama has done a great thing by burying the hatchet, and frankly he was the only one who could plus it makes him look good.

Hillary supporters are screwing up big time by pointing out every incident of sexism and media bias they see. WHY? People aren't stupid. They'll know something is there when they see all the craziness. Just let it go. People will see through it and rally around her in the end.

Note to Obama supporters...Hillary and Obama are two peas in a pod. The only thing separating them is gender and race. Obama and Hillary have about the same stance on just about everything. The thing Obama has over Hillary is length of time in DC. Obama has almost no history in DC so it seems as though he is a fresh face. Oh and Obama can inspire. Obama gives great speeches and he's pretty effin cool. Hillary, not so much. Hillary is kinda like a female Kerry compared to Obama's spark. If Hillary doesn't pull some suave out of her ass she's gonna lose this thing.

Right now, I only support the nominee. I like both Hillary and Obama which should scare you because I'm not a raging leftist, though I believe that Gay's should be able to marry. Hell, why shouldn't Gays be able to endure the hell the rest of the world endures. Maybe they wouldn't walk around so happy and looking so good all the fucking time.

I'll call bullshit on either side. I especially like to call bullshit on double-standards. I think if Obama supporters were to look objectively at things happening they would see that they hold huge double-standards especially where Hillary is concerned. THEY HATE HILLARY! They'll say it's because they don' t want to family dynasties running the country back to back, they'll say it's cuz Obama offers hope, Obama is diverse, Obama has soul, Obama moved me. BLAH BLAH BLAH....It's just a bunch of crap because again other than race and colour, oh and maybe style. Obama and Hillary are two peas from the same pod.

The Hillary hate in the Democratic party is totally irrational. Democrats should be ashamed for hating a woman that has spent her entire adult life in service to our party. It makes Democrats look fuckin nutz.

Don't like it, then kiss my black ass....