Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Parrot and Cat...It's love!

Cat and parrot

Via CuteOverload which is in my eyes the hands down the best site on the web.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Text Messages are a Rip Off...DUH

The New York Times: Text messages cost carriers virtually nothing

No shit....I think we new that. But thanks for reminding us.

The New York Times has a good piece up on the heavy curtain of secrecy that surrounds mobile carriers' profit margins on text messaging. In short, they're bilking you... but you already knew that. But here's a pretty simple explanation of why the text messages you pay twenty cents each to send costs the carrier basically nothing:

A text message initially travels wirelessly from a handset to the closest base-station tower and is then transferred through wired links to the digital pipes of the telephone network, and then, near its destination, converted back into a wireless signal to traverse the final leg, from tower to handset. In the wired portion of its journey, a file of such infinitesimal size is inconsequential. Srinivasan Keshav, a professor of computer science at the University of Waterloo, in Ontario, said: “Messages are small. Even though a trillion seems like a lot to carry, it isn’t.”

Perhaps the costs for the wireless portion at either end are high — spectrum is finite, after all, and carriers pay dearly for the rights to use it. But text messages are not just tiny; they are also free riders, tucked into what’s called a control channel, space reserved for operation of the wireless network.

That’s why a message is so limited in length: it must not exceed the length of the message used for internal communication between tower and handset to set up a call. The channel uses space whether or not a text message is inserted.

Thanks John for your read on the whole deal. Visit BB Gadgets for more gadget news.

Stanley's Christmas List - Man found in PA Attic

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. (AP) — A family didn't realize it had an unexpected Christmas guest until a man who had been in their attic for days emerged wearing their clothes, police said.

Stanley Carter surrendered Friday after police took a dog to search the home in Plains Township, a suburb of Wilkes-Barre about 100 miles north of Philadelphia. He was charged with several counts of burglary, theft, receiving stolen property and criminal trespass.

"When he came down from the attic, he was wearing my daughter's pants and my sweat shirt and sneakers," homeowner Stacy Ferrance said. "From what I gather, he was helping himself to my home, eating my food and stealing my clothes."


"When we were going through the inventory of what he did take, we found a note labeled 'Stanley's Christmas List' of all the items he had removed from the residence and donated to himself," Smith said.

Link to full craziness

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tee Hee Hee - DemocraticUnderground...Jumped the Shark

DU, what a blazing crash into the abyss. A Liberal political message board with promise has fallen to the depths with no chance of return.

I'm cracking up. DU fell apart during the 2008 primary season. The boards administrators allowed long time DUers, DEMOCRATS...LIBERALS who were Hillary supporters to be systematically targeted and ousted.

What are they left with.

Loudmouth homophobic hypocrites with IQs lower than a gnat fetus.

Peep this bullshit here...LINK

Bush Wants Death of World Wide Economy as His Legacy


WASHINGTON (AP) — The Bush administration is seriously considering "orderly" bankruptcy as a way of dealing with the desperately ailing U.S. auto industry.

White House press secretary Dana Perino said Thursday, "There's an orderly way to do bankruptcies that provides for more of a soft landing. I think that's what we would be talking about."

President George W. Bush, asked about an auto rescue plan during an appearance before a private group, said he hadn't decided what he would do.

But he, like Perino, spoke of the idea of bankruptcies organized by the federal government as a possible way to go.

Link to sorry shit here.

The fucker never planned to do anything. May GOD strike him down for what he has done to this planet.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Japanese Foot Massager Kills Three

Say what? Read the rest of the story @ Engadget. They only have specifics about the death of a woman who used it on her neck.

Pomeranian in a Kimono

I just had to post this image I saw @ Cute Overload. If you don't surf this site at least once a day you're a loser. Just sayin.

Sorry Liz, but THIS is the real face of Cleopatra

How can anyone have thought that Cleopatra was a white woman? Only in Hollywood people.
Full Story - Link

Egyptologist Sally Ann Ashton believes the compute regenerated 3D image is the best likeness of the legendary beauty famed for her ability to beguile.

Picture credit goes to Image Foundry Studios, LTD

Wanna through stuff @ Bush? Duck Duck Bush Has You Covered.

Please go here and play this game. I promise you'll like it.

Duck Duck Bush

Hummm...Human-sized heart found at the Paw Paw car wash

PAW PAW, Mich. – A human-sized heart found at a southwestern Michigan car wash has investigators wondering whether it came from a person or an animal. The organ was discovered in a corner of a manual wash bay at Soapy's Car Wash, Paw Paw police said. The owner of the business found it Monday on the floor of the bay, according to WOOD-TV in Grand Rapids and WWMT-TV in Kalamazoo.

Police first took the heart to an animal clinic, where a veterinarian was unable to determine its origin. The next stop was a local cardiologist, who said while it was "consistent in size to a human heart," he could not make a conclusive determination as to its source, said police Chief Patrick W. Alspaugh.

The chief took the organ Tuesday to Lansing's Sparrow Hospital, where forensic scientists were to examine it.

"If it's a human heart, that prompts the question, 'Then where's the body?'" Alspaugh told the Kalamazoo Gazette.

He said he didn't know when the forensic scientists will give him their findings.

If it turns out that the heart came from an animal, it would not be the first time that someone has left animal parts at the car wash

The owner told police that animal parts had been left before at the car wash, but never a heart.



Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wow! I'm BACK!!!!

I know, a lot has happened since I've been away in September. We have a new President and I don't have to move to Australia. Thank GAWD! OBAMA!!!! Yikes, this election really had me down. I have to admit I was wrong and white people in America didn't let me down. I really thought they'd back out on us and not vote...but intelligence won out over racism.

Racism still exists though so don't get your hopes up.

I'm going to try and post at least once a day. I'm on the road now and I'm tired but I know I gotta do this. I just gotta.

We'll discuss my disgust for Lynn Samuels on Sirius left tomorrow. Seriously, Sirius can't find anyone better than her ass? I'm even willing to audition, I've done radio. Lord help Sirius Left.

Cool Gifts for the Geek In Your Life

This is my favorite!
For more geek gifts go to the InventorSpot blog.

Monday, December 1, 2008

12/01/2008 - 4th Largest Dow Drop in History...Wanna know why?

Read the previous post. Every time Bush opens his cake-hole, the Dow plunges.

Just remember idiots actually voted for this asshole.

Dow closes down about 680 points

Major plunge marks the fourth worst daily drop in history of the index

NEW YORK - A litany of bad economic news has snuffed out Wall Street’s five-day rally, sending stocks falling sharply as investors realized anew how troubled the U.S. economy really is.

Confirmation that the nation is in a recession followed reports of only a modest gain in holiday shopping sales, and that prompted investors to begin unloading stocks. Downbeat data on manufacturing and construction spending added to the market’s gloom.

The Dow Jones industrial average fell 679 points, wiping out more than half the 1,276 points it added during a five-day rally built on investors’ budding optimism about the economy.

---Snip...as if today's drop just now confirmed that we are in a recession. We've been in one for 18 months now!...

Read all the sicking details @ MSNBC.com

Bush says he's sorry folks.

Bush says 'I'm sorry' economic crisis is occurring

WASHINGTON: President George W. Bush expressed regret Monday that the global financial crisis has cost jobs and shrinking retirement accounts and said he will support more government intervention if needed to ease the recession.

"I'm sorry it's happening, of course," Bush said in a wide-ranging interview with ABC's "World News," which was airing Monday. "Obviously I don't like the idea of people losing jobs, or being worried about their 401(k)s.

Snip...and then he continues with his lyin and shit...

You can read the rest of his bullshit right here.

Bush's Bullshit Apology-Full Version (Wear hip boots.)