Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Have Democrats lost ther GOD DAMNED MINDS?

Apparently they have. In a huge way. In a way so huge it could lead to a rift in the party too big to repair.

What's caused the rift?

That's easy. You have a Black man and a White woman running for president. Yes, apparently that's all it takes. It should be a celebration, but nope, mayhem and madness.

OK, what's at stake? WE are at stake of losing the hugest, most important, intergalacticly important election since the dawn of time. YES. Not the dawn of man cuz man...Hugh Man usually screws shit up. I'm talkin the DAWN OF EFFIN TIME people.

Here's what we got.
Mean ole' Hillary, the only person Progressives and Freepers can agree on. Unfortunately they agree that they hate her because she is the most evilest person ever created over and above Osama Hussein. (Yeah what of it. I combined the to because that is how evil and mean and well ugly she is in their eyes. ) Liberals and Freepers will work together to rid us of this menace.

SAINT Obama, the second only person Progressives and Freepers can agree on. They both want Obama to win because they think that he can be beaten so silly, like Apollo Cruise in Rocky 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.

In Obama's supporters eyes, Obama can do no wrong and Hillary can do no right and Obama supporters are fucking INSANE.

In Hillary's supporters eyes, she can do no wrong , Obama is an inexperienced kid, and Obama supporters are fucking spoiled brats just who just want a cool black friend to piss off their parents...oh and fucking INSANE.

Obama supporters blame Hillary for everything that is done in her campaign, yet they blame Obama surrogates for doing the exact same thing they blame Hillary for in her campaign. Oh yeah and since Obama can do no wrong everything and it is no big deal.

Hillary supporters whine about how Saint Obama is getting a pass. I have to say they are right on that. But what they should do is keep it down to a dull roar. Things will come out in the wash. Why? What Obama supporters refuse to note is that if they keep it up they will cause some serious shit to go down.

Here's how I see it:
Obama supporters will cause him to lose the Latino and Asian vote because there are some indications that a sizable portion of the Latino and Asian community won't vote for a Black candidate. Yes there are a few who will but there are extreme racial tensions between the groups. Unfortunately, there aren't enough contentious whites to overcome the Asian and Latino vote.

Obama has done a great thing by burying the hatchet, and frankly he was the only one who could plus it makes him look good.

Hillary supporters are screwing up big time by pointing out every incident of sexism and media bias they see. WHY? People aren't stupid. They'll know something is there when they see all the craziness. Just let it go. People will see through it and rally around her in the end.

Note to Obama supporters...Hillary and Obama are two peas in a pod. The only thing separating them is gender and race. Obama and Hillary have about the same stance on just about everything. The thing Obama has over Hillary is length of time in DC. Obama has almost no history in DC so it seems as though he is a fresh face. Oh and Obama can inspire. Obama gives great speeches and he's pretty effin cool. Hillary, not so much. Hillary is kinda like a female Kerry compared to Obama's spark. If Hillary doesn't pull some suave out of her ass she's gonna lose this thing.

Right now, I only support the nominee. I like both Hillary and Obama which should scare you because I'm not a raging leftist, though I believe that Gay's should be able to marry. Hell, why shouldn't Gays be able to endure the hell the rest of the world endures. Maybe they wouldn't walk around so happy and looking so good all the fucking time.

I'll call bullshit on either side. I especially like to call bullshit on double-standards. I think if Obama supporters were to look objectively at things happening they would see that they hold huge double-standards especially where Hillary is concerned. THEY HATE HILLARY! They'll say it's because they don' t want to family dynasties running the country back to back, they'll say it's cuz Obama offers hope, Obama is diverse, Obama has soul, Obama moved me. BLAH BLAH BLAH....It's just a bunch of crap because again other than race and colour, oh and maybe style. Obama and Hillary are two peas from the same pod.

The Hillary hate in the Democratic party is totally irrational. Democrats should be ashamed for hating a woman that has spent her entire adult life in service to our party. It makes Democrats look fuckin nutz.

Don't like it, then kiss my black ass....

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