Monday, April 1, 2013

Daniel Drake – Alien female escort from the Risa Pleasure Planet

Daniel Drake – Alien female escort from the Risa Pleasure Planet
After much research it has been determined and proven that Daniel Drake aka Selisa Limk Quartariea is a recent plant from the pleasure planet Risa.  It has taken much energy and many hours to discern this information. 

It all started when Daniel Drake started behaving erratically, this lead the consortium to dig deeper into the behavior of ‘Daniel’ to determine a reason.  The research gathered by the consortium led us into a plot by the government to hide the fact that there are aliens living among us.  Most notably are the aliens from Risa.   Upon further inspection and the clandestine gathering of DNA samples it has been discovered that Daniel is a female alien from said planet now on earth in a male orchestrated shell of some sort.

As you can see in the image provided, the Risian DNA does differ from our own.  The  base pairs  however do provide for what we think is the ability to create a shell to cover their true form and apparently sexuality. 
Now, from resources we have learned that Daniel aka Selisa is actually a female escort for many notable individuals on Risa.  It is our understanding that Selisa as Daniel is using those female escort like talents to determine ways to undermine the governments on earth to ease a takeover by Risian officials who will subsequently turn Earth into a pleasure planet.

Now, I am brining you this information with expediency.  You have read the evidence.  What is unknown to this date is how Selisa acquired the information to become Daniel.  Did she steal an identity of this person, ‘Daniel Drake’ or did she come to Earth with an identity and the proper documentation to portray the role (previous alien inhabitation required), or did she acquire the information after landing.   It is known that in 2009 a craft was seen landing on Earth, shortly after that the person Daniel Drake seems to have appeared from nowhere.  

Research into Daniel’s SSN as proven that the number is fake and did come from an immigrant from Germany dating back to 1968.  Further proof of the deception can be traced back to that social security number.  What is not known is if that immigrant was also an alien entity & passed the information to Selisa for her mission on Earth.

The birth records we’ve acquired for Daniel have all been traced back to a single doctor in Oregon who was found murdered in 2009 just before the UFO was documented.  Was this doctor an alien? Did this doctor go back on the ship that brought Daniel aka Selisa?  We have no information on this doctor attending any medical schools. Was the corpse found and later identified to be the doctor a shell shed by the alien who later returned to Risa?