Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Orly Taits

Who is this broad and what is she doing on my TV? I cannot stand her ass and I want her to go away. Far away, like to Pluto or something. I want her farting dark matter on the edge of space. What I cannot believe is that the rightwing in America bought her brand of ignorant bliss.

How Orly ended up on the world stage we'll never understand. The problem now is how to get rid of her ass. The rightwing crated this problem and now they need to get rid of it. It's not fair to say that Orly took over the rightwing, because there wasn't anyone in control. The rightwing is a car without a driver doing 90 towards a cliff. Drivers come and go, usually those with the loudest voice but none actually have the wherewithal to steer clear of the looming disaster.

I really don't care mind you because apparently the Democrats will end up being the new conservative party and a new Liberal party will take up the void.

Orly Taits, that cook, that queen of all cooks far and wide. That's what is on my mind today.