Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Democratic Hillary Haters...YOU DID IT.

You've lost the General Elections. MARK MY WORDS. You've done the Republican's job for them.

Don'tcha see kids. The Republicans hate Hillary. Democrats & Progressives hate Hillary. The only two things you both agree on. So instead of just having Republicans hate Hillary. With you all hating Hillary there is no way she can win in the General Election.

So now you have to put up Obama. Only problem with that is, Republicans ain't gonna vote for his ass and the closet Democratic racist mofos aren't going to vote for his ass either. Neither will Latinos or Asians in mass. So, with all that going down combined with the fact that there aren't enough Black folk to cover the lost racist votes...means we are going to lose. (Yes I'm a black woman. WTF of it?)

So, we're screwed. Screwed to the wall. Thanks guys! We could have won.

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