Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Monica Crowley - Your new name is CREEPY CRAWLEY

Why is this woman allowed to report on anything important? Here is her latest...Thanks to Media Matters...

"Yes, well, you know, she's like Glenn Close at the end of Fatal Attraction. You think she's dead and then she sits bolt-upright in the bathtub."

Will some one stop this woman? Why is it o.k for her to say such stupid sexist shit about a woman presidential candidate? Is she dating Chris Matthews and using "Pillow Talk" as content? Will someone stop CNN from hiring such stupid clowns? Why is she even working? Can we get Glen Beck to share his Dr's name and number with her? These are the questions I have where she is concerned.

I bet she wouldn't say that shit about Pickles, Barbara - The Monster Woman-Bush, and Elizabeth-I'm loving the Viagra-Dole.

Creepy Crawley needs to be hauled off with the trash, and quick. She's stinkin up the joint.

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