Tuesday, January 29, 2008

OMG - Gray Davis just endorsed Hillary Clinton for President.

Gray. Honey. Sweetie. Snookums. Don't. Please don't help. As a matter of fact you, Bill Clinton, and Catherine Baker Knoll need to get on a bus to the Orient. Yes goddamn it, I said a fucking bus. Yes, get on a bus with no scuba gear and just head west until you smell sweet and sour pork (the real kind not that shit they make here with the red jello like sauce.)

You are not helping people. Endorsements are supposed to help or at the least notf ucking stink up the joint.

Goddamn it where is my fucking Grey Goose.


RonnyK said...

Not a surprise. When I saw Hillary this summer Gov. Davis was there.

He's a very nice guy.

Xultar - The sistah from another planet. said...

I know he's nice. But Nice and .80 cents won't even get you a coup of water. He should have stayed out. I hope they didn't ask him to come forward.