Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Are any objective Democratic supporters left?

Unfortunately it has been cold in GA and I haven't been getting out much to discuss politicts with friends. So my view of what is going on in the political landscape comes mostly from Democratic Underground. I've noticed a sizable erosion on reality based discussion on DU. I've also noticed posters who have chosen sides in the Clinton/Obama races who used to call themselves objective have now...


Where the fuck did the objectivity go. I Remember when they used to spout on about how objective they were and how they loved intelligent discussion and shit like that. Now they've become circle shooting, shit slinging, maniacs.

Goes to show how objective and intellectual they actually were and are. They make me sick. Make me embarrassed to be a Democrat. Though I thing some are TROLLS and others are sock puppets posting as the supporter of one candidate just to make that candidate, which they really don't support look like shit.

I don't know people. Just watch it with a grain of salt. Thank God the masses don't evn know DU or we'd be in big ass fucking trouble.

Go take a look @ the craziness going on over there, go on, take a look. DemocraticUnderground Latest Threads

On the other hand if you are just in to blood, guts, and violence...you'll love it.

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