Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fact Check.ORG did an analysis of the Clinton-Obama flap

Here's what they've discovered...There's half truths thrown by all three, Clinton, Edwards, and Obama.

Here is a slice...

  • Clinton falsely accused Obama of saying he "really liked the ideas of the Republicans" including private Social Security accounts and deficit spending. Not true. The entire 49-minute interview to which she refers contains no endorsement of private Social Security accounts or deficit spending, and Obama specifically scorned GOP calls for tax cuts.

  • Obama falsely denied endorsing single-payer government health insurance when he first ran for the Senate, saying, "I never said that we should try to go ahead and get single-payer." But in fact he gave a speech in 2003 saying, "I happen to be a proponent of a single-payer health care program."

  • Edwards misleadingly claimed, "I was the one who beat John McCain" in a recent CNN poll. The problem is that there is a more recent CNN poll, one that shows either Clinton or Obama beating McCain and doesn't include Edwards.

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BTW if you aren't on the email ist you need to be. They call it straight down the middle. You gotta love objectivity.

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