Saturday, February 14, 2009

End of Rainbow Found

Read the rest of the story here @ the Telegraph UK: Link

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

From WM to iPhone, One Sistah's Journey

I've used WM since it was WindowsCE folks. I'm not asshamed to admit that I had the first Apple Newton. I've also never owned a Palm. I've been pretty true to WM and what they were trying to do. But I got fed up with all the restrictions on th OS and the fact that they wouldn't upgrade devices...and that we wouldn't be getting the new version of Pocket Internet Explorer on exsisting devices (includes the Fuze). So I decided to go iPhone recently.

I'm a gadget-a-holic I'd like to say I'm an expert but I'm not.

So, how do I like the iPhone?

Well, um, it's OK. I'm not WOWed by it. I don't see it as a revolution. I think people like the web capabilties of it mainly because Apple didn't allow AT&T to strangle it to death with it's own version of the Web aka (MediaNet. Having access to the REAL web (in most instances) is very cool. I've noticed however, that some sites see the phone and present me with a mobile version of their site which is nice when it is all content and no ads but when it is watered down it is a waste of time. Bottom line the iPhone is more of a net phone than a smartphone. Want to see my thoughts...keep on reading below.

Let's see, oh, this one-app-at-a-time thing.

OMG that is a huge let down. I think that is where WM failed in some respects, WM wanted proceses running in the background. I think if more people knew what WM was doing they wouldn't be WOWed by the supposed stability of the iPhone. I don't find the iPhone stable, I find it managing what little resources it has wisely by not allowing users to multitask. Having to go back to the home screen to me is a step backwards coming from the WM platform, it is kindergardenish @ best. I should be able to listen to Pandora and play a game, should I not? I don't think that is to much for a sistah to ask.


OMG..WORST EVER. Nuff said.

The App Store, my, addiction continues.

I've always been addicted to applications. I had a Tilt cramed with applications and an 8gb card cramed with stuff. The App store was a let down because I found it difficult to spend my dough on useful stuff. I'm looking for a better note pad app. I'm also looking for an app that allows searching and dialing using contact photos. To be honest I'm shocked the iPhone didn't come with that. But digress, I'm shocked that people say the App store is so strict because I see almost nothing useful. I actually found myself repurchasing or trying to replace my favorite WM stuff and all I ended up with was...eWallet, Tetris, Sudoku, and Bejeweled 2. But I'm gonna give it a rest because like with any new platform...if they build it...I will come (and purchase the app.)


I have some kickin ringtones, I use Mission Impossible for my dad. Now, I cannot I hear that he's calling so I know not to hit my bluetooth to answer? Didn't know you couldn't use your own MP3s as ringtones. That's nutz because I've made a ton from iTunes that I've purchased. Now I have to repurchase to use them. That's crazy people.

What do I like about it?

It's pretty. I love that. The WEB is kickin. i Can Has Cheezburger app!!! Best App in my opinion. AT&T has created an iPhone friendly AT&T Remote Monitoring site. It is awesome. Pandora...AWESOME that you can buy the iTunes directly from the phone...but the fact that you can't do it through 3G...stinks but I understand. I guess. It'd be nicer if they let you buy it and then download once you hit WiFi or sync.

Conclusion, I can't see why people waited in line out side for this thing for days. I mean it is pretty and all don't get me wrong but there has to be more than that, correct? I don't see where it changes the game. But, I'm just me and I could be tell me in your replies below.


Monday, February 2, 2009

America Left on XM SUCKS Big Sweaty Donkey Balls

There I said it.

XM should be spanked HARD for trying to destroy progressive radio.

Nuff said.