Friday, February 1, 2008

The Obama Campaign Played the Hillary Campaign Like Pros against Little League

DAYUM. I should have said T-Ball League.

The Hillary Campaign Sucks. Whomever she has leading that shit sucks. Whomever she has leading the day-to-day sucks. Whomever she has writing her speeches...SUCKS.


She's getting played into the ground by Obama and his camp. If it weren't so sad it'd be funny as FUCK. I feel sorry for Clinton supporters because they didn't sign up to be attached to a shitty campaign. They signed up to at least have a chance. To back a possible winner. Shit, they ended up backing a lame horse with no feet.

I feel for y'all. That's why I said after Wesley Clark ran for President in 2k4...I'd never pick a candidate in the primary again. Cuz, gettin your ass handed to you on a daily basis sucks.

Y'all will learn. I hope. Just wait until after the nomination and support the party. That way you'll never get your spirit crushed.

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