Monday, February 11, 2008

The Coolest 'Homeless' Hood Around - Dignity Villiage

the most organised shanty town on earth

welcome to dignity village, inc.

pre-2001, the residents of dignity village in portland, oregon, were part of a mobile ‘tent city’ founded by 8 local homeless people desperate to find some kind of semi-permanent shelter. in 2001, following much campaigning and media support, portland city council agreed to allow the camp legal campground status on the basis that they move to an area called sunderland yard, thus securing dignity village’s short-term future. since then the 60 or so residents have impressively created their own self-regulating mini-city with help from the surrounding community.

dignity village’s features include:

- its own village council with board of directors and other elected officials

- non-profit organisation status

- its own website,

- internet access

- communal television room

- 24 hour village security

- 5 fundamental rules which must be adhered to by residents…

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