Friday, February 22, 2008

DemocraticUnderground brings out the Freeper in 'Liberals"

Whenever I visit DemocraticUnderground I am struck by the realization that DU and FreeRepublic are basically the same in attitude and different in ideology. What I've noticed is that the term Liberal which has morphed now to the term Progressive doesn't mean love others and peace anymore, it basically means be a hateful, angry, asshole who calls themselves a Liberal. I guess from their point of view being an angry asshole workded for the Freepers, why not give that shit a try,

That's how I see it. DU is the home of the asshole wing of the progressive ideology and FreeRepublic is the home of the asshole wing of the neo-con movement. Where DU has FreeRepublic in spades is the fact that DU looks WAY better and it is more user friendly, PLUS it has that cool Latest Breaking News section.

I would say that DUers appear to be more intelligent and less irrational but this primary season shows it not to be true.

DU has been forever harmed by this primary season and I blame all the assholes who posted fucked up shit in General Discussion-Primaries.

I will say one thing though, the DU Hillary Hate is one thing Progressives and Freepers have in common. Makes you wonder doesn't it?

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