Sunday, February 24, 2008

GADEGET MOMENT - Bluetooth (A2DP) Stereo Headsets

For those of you who don't know me, I'm a gadget, tech geek, nutter. So every now and then I'll post something tech geek-ish. Today I'm frustrated because I cannot find a Bluetooth Stereo headset or a A2DP enabled headset.

With all the brilliant people on this god forsaken planet, you'd think someone could develop an A2DP enabled headset that:
  1. Works
  2. Stays on your ear
  3. Sounds at least decent I'm not even going for audiophile here, just a decent sound.
  4. Isn't too clunky with a over the head band, boom mic, princess Lea ear muffs, and other craziness.
  5. Has a good fit or in ear gels for comfort and noise canceling and sound enhancement
  6. Provides Mini-usb with pc and AC charging capabilities
  7. Connects with at least 3 devices
Instead we get, the stupidest bullshit, and most unusable money and resource wasting gadgets. For god sakes people can't a black woman get a kick ass A2DP enabled headset that fills basic usability requirements? My first attempt was the Motorola HT820. They sound OK, are huge as fuck, and hurt like a muthafucka after about 30 minutes of wear. Then I thought I'd try the Jabra BT8010. What a horror story those were. OMG, first the little fuckers won't stay on and the ear loops fall out to boot. Second, the sound is o.k. but they hurt like hell.

Right now I'm looking @ the Motorola S9 or the Sony HBH-DS980 or what ever the model number is. Any of you want to help me pick, chime in.

Whenever politics pisses me off and I need something to do I'll always head back to my first love. GADGETS.

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