Monday, February 4, 2008

OMFG people...United Airlines Charges to Check 2nd bag.

YES. Apparently paying for the ticket and getting on the flight isn't enough. They wanna stick it to you all the way to your destination.

United Adds $25 Fee for 2nd Bag

This is bullshit. I blame Bush. Just look @ the economy, gas prices, etc.
Bush sucks big sweaty donkey balls people. If you voted for his ignorant evil ass you're an idiot.


AJ said...

It amazes me that some fools voted for his ass twice!

BTW - I found your blog from reading some of the post on's crazy over there.

Xultar - The sistah from another planet. said...

Yes it is crazy over there. Here is where I hang out when it is crazy.

Peace to you and your family & friends