Monday, February 4, 2008

Campaigns Should Offer Supporter Refunds

Yeah, that's some new shit I think needs to be incorporated into election reform.

If you support a candidate and you give them your hard earned money...and they fuck up. They owe you some money.

That's how I feel. Let's use Hillary's campaign for example. OMG they have FUCK UP on speed dial over there. I think her campaign owes their supporters some fucking money. Visa or Master card prepaid cards for 20 bucks a piece should do the trick. Maybe $20 off a $100 Gap purchase or something. Ohhh maybe some Starbucks gift certificates or $20 off your next cell phone bill or something; ANYTHING. But she owes the people who supported her big time.

Boy, did she have the world fooled. She campaigns so bad I wouldn't let her plan a grade school class presidential campaign. Just sayin.