Thursday, February 7, 2008

In the last 15 minutes I've started 4 posts @ DU.

I didn't submit any of them. Why? Because right now DU isn't worth my time. I get so angry watching the posts there, all phlegm and no substance.

My observations:
  1. Obama supporters can dish it but cant' take it. My solution- TOUGHEN UP PUNKS, the GOP will eat your kidneys for breakfast.
  2. Hillary supporters are so down and out they are lashing out. Well grow up people. You knew the MSM and the progressives hated your ass. If you weren't prepared then you're a dumbass.
  3. OMG, if I see one more goddamned post with RW talking points in it I'll find the fucking plug to the server and unplug it my goddamned self.
I'm so sick of that joint. I'm gonna drink my final margarita in peace and quiet.

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