Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Husband, the Dog Food Taster....Nah just kidding

---Yeah baby, come and give mama a huge wet sloppy Alpo kiss.---

Pedigrees' chum. Meet the man from M&S who tests your pets' ready meals

Like a seasoned wine taster, Simon Allison sniffs and peers at the product he is testing.

Then he samples a soupcon, noting the blend of flavours and aromas.

Only when he is completely satisfied will Marks & Spencer put the dish on the shelves - among the pet foods.


He insists he relishes the task and has trained his palate to detect the delicacies preferred by dogs and cats - and their owners.

He said: "It is just the same as if I was working in the ready-meals department. I love my job. It is a brilliant area and eating the product is a fundamental part.

"You have to chew it a bit. (yeah I bet you do honey)

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