Monday, December 1, 2008

12/01/2008 - 4th Largest Dow Drop in History...Wanna know why?

Read the previous post. Every time Bush opens his cake-hole, the Dow plunges.

Just remember idiots actually voted for this asshole.

Dow closes down about 680 points

Major plunge marks the fourth worst daily drop in history of the index

NEW YORK - A litany of bad economic news has snuffed out Wall Street’s five-day rally, sending stocks falling sharply as investors realized anew how troubled the U.S. economy really is.

Confirmation that the nation is in a recession followed reports of only a modest gain in holiday shopping sales, and that prompted investors to begin unloading stocks. Downbeat data on manufacturing and construction spending added to the market’s gloom.

The Dow Jones industrial average fell 679 points, wiping out more than half the 1,276 points it added during a five-day rally built on investors’ budding optimism about the economy. if today's drop just now confirmed that we are in a recession. We've been in one for 18 months now!...

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khan said...

Since the election, the DOW has dropped over 2,000 points. That's more than under the "bad" Bush economy.