Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sorry, I haven't been posting....I just haven't felt like it.

I'm VERY disappointed that Hillary Clinton sucked so bad. I really feel she is who we should be running in November. No, I'm not an Obama hater, I'll vote for the guy because we CANNOT elect McCain, CRAZY FUCK ASS McCAIN. However, I just don't buy the Obama hype.

I just don't.

But one of the real reasons I'm still pissed is how the DU Administrators and Moderators allowed all the Hillary Clinton supporters to be hunted and purged from DU.

Shame on them. Now, they have a board that reeks of nut-fucks, the posts about Tim Russert's death prove that they've allowed the board to descend into utter madness.

So I'm disillusioned. I'm unhappy and well if being a Liberal or Progressive means behaving like the loudmouth mean assholes at DU, I'm happy to hand in my Liberal or Progressive card and become an independent.

What I don't get is they are more willing to accept a Republican who says they support Obama than a lifetime Democrat who won't fall in line.

I'll have no part in it.

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